Equipping Professionals with infinite charging On The Go.

SUSTAINED ENERGY – Supplied On Location for unrestricted Modern Expeditions.

News Release 24.05.2019

the standardisation of scaleable electricity for the digital age

Equipping individuals with component based power for USB & AC charging Anywhere

Cell 12W/h

Core 48Wh





For off-grid, remote work without compromise

A portable electricity revolution

  •  The most powerful, feature rich, Solar Backpack, Developed for energy independence.


  • Producing over 500 Watt Hours Each Day, enough to recharge every device Anywhere.


  • A Convenient Power Station, built for mobility to support the modern experiences of life.


Max Power To Body Ratio

Lightweight at (1KG / 2KG / 3KG)

Solar Tracking

Floats In Water

Element Proof

Foldable Design

Over 32L Capacity

Lifetime Assurance*

Expandable Components

Dynamic Compartments

Impact Resistant

Seamless Connections

Dreamt into existence to empower humans for the digital enlightenment.

Over centuries of isolation from wilderness we’ve become the 90% indoor generation, removed from nature in our everyday endeavours.

Historically our dependence on technology has forced us to be stationary indoors where electricity flows in abundance. However, it doesn’t have to continue this way, mobile devices have evolved with advancements across the board, extending the boundaries of where tech is usable, reaching far beyond the confines of buildings to enlighten us just about anywhere.

Work is increasingly unbound.

Charging should be too.

SOL – Supplied On Location Merges the conveniences of the indoors with

the expansive freedom of the outdoors for SUSTAINED ENERGY On the go.

It is time to unlearn our excessive indoor habits & venture outside, but do so without surrendering the benefits of our digitally enabled way of life. We are meant to explore freely, without worrying about losing charge. SOL ushers in a new era of support for the human emergence.

Up-To 45% Off


A Design Technology, Social Enterprise


Our Mission is to elevate the standard of living by problem solving the everyday essential appliances that our species will always require / depend on to support the hierarchy of human necessities.


Aligning humanities need for industrialisation with the natural processes found in Earth’s biosphere. To exist in equilibrium with our planet.