1. Announcing SOL

5 years ago today I took a minute to admire the intensity of the sun while living in Thailand. It turned out to be one of the best things I have ever taken note of. Not that I hadn’t felt the sun’s intensity before going to Southeast Asia. In fact, I was well aware of the power of the sun as an avid traveller from an early age, growing up across 5 countries, several of which abundant with sunshine. However, a combination of circumstances, knowledge of technology & personal issues dealing with smartphone battery life sparked an idea.

This idea wasn’t unique, patents have existed for such a product before I was even old enough to have a job & yet the offerings in the marketplace failed to compete with my conceived method & capacity. So much so that a few months after the initial idea I embarked upon a venture that I honestly thought would take no more than a few months of development before being able to make use of the contraption & potentially commercialise it. 5 years later, I am humbled to say that the journey, complete with all its failures & successes was worth it. Needless to say, I am immensely proud of the resulting grandeur.

The estimated 3500 plus hours of dedication to project refinement over the years has finally manifested itself to the point where I am certain that no design principal or practice has been overlooked. The conclusions, Sol.Explore, a modular line-up of smart energy solutions for the outdoors is now ready for the market. It is an incredibly exciting time & I am overjoyed about the possibilities this unlocks for our species to merge modern existence with the natural ways of our exploring ancestors. Moving forward, I will be blogging weekly about the journey & the thought process behind each decision that has led to this point for Solofy.