In our modern world it is easy to forget that our planet is over 4.54 Billion years in the making and that we humans are the result of 55 million years of evolution. For the majority of our existence, we were hunter gatherers, explorers, relying immensely on understanding and working with nature. Our species has the ability to live in every corner of the globe, yet the majority of us are so far removed from understanding nature life that without technology we would fail to survive.

In a 24/7 connected world our fundamentals are is often lost in the daily rush. Leaving hardly any time to appreciate just how far we’ve come. In the age of information computing is ubiquitous. Enabling us to venture into the unknown, because nothing is unknown anymore. be remote, off-grid work on all fronts. Efficient portable technology, along with an internet connection allows humans to roam and work from anywhere. Re-introducing humans into the wild. The only part of the equation missing is a convenient method to keep our tech gear charged. This is something Solofy has been working on and just so happens to be our first product line-up.

The Ultimate Outdoor Gear Stay Charged, Protected & Ready For Adventure

We believe that solar power is the cleanest, safest, most abundant source of energy available in our solar system. The solution to our global electricity needs for the modern world. From low-voltage USB charging to megawatt installations. This is why we’ve developed Sol. A lightweight, highly scaleable, human centred smart energy line-up that removes the limitations of portable power.


Element Proof, Portable Power

Charge conveniently on the go, anywhere the sun shines with clean, silent energy. A solar backpack that protects your tech gear while keeping them powered in a lightweight solution. Enabling the ultimate outdoor experience without compromise, explore unrestricted with seamlessly integrated components that together provide electricity on the go for portable devices in a water impermeable package, built to tackle the harshest environments.

Sol.EXP - Logo - Explore

Watts / Hour

Sol.EXP - Logo - Explorer

Watts / Hour

Sol.EXP - Logo - Explorers

Watts / Hour

Foldable Design 

  • Easily Stowed Profile.
  • Ready in Seconds.
  • 85% Volume Reduction.
  • Just 9cm When Folded.

Daylight = Energy

  • 180 degree solar surface.
  • Charge from any angle.
  • Power regardless of weather.
  • Power from indirect sunlight.


Developed out of necessity, Sol is designed and built for longterm purpose. From casual outdoor pursuits to permanent off-grid living. Sustainability is in our DNA at Solofy. Humans are meant to explore and do so without restriction and Sol. merges the use of technology and nature by removing the most limiting characteristics of outdoor endeavours. Electricity generation on the go with protection from harsh weather conditions, enabling human exploration to last indefinitely.

Sol.EXP - Logo - Exploration

Watts / Hour

Rapidly Deployable Power

Stay empowered anywhere the sun shines. Outdoor pursuits and modern living merged for the best of both worlds. Charge Drones, Laptops and all AC appliance up to 100 watts while off-grid. Sol.Expedition enables unlimited time spent in nature via a dynamic, lightweight solution that enables clean, convenient electricity to facilitate modern technology.

Experience this beautiful, unique planet we all call our home without compromise. Trek into the unknown and explore unrestricted with seamlessly integrated components that together provide energy on the go. No more limitations, work anywhere with clean electricity direct from the sun.


Unrestricted power anywhere the sun shines, directly from our nearest star. Sol.Conclusions provides a clean, convenient source of electricity while ensuring your tech gear and other essentials are safe during the journey.

Solutions That Surpass The Competition, Even Outlet Powered Chargers

A single Sol.Cell offers twice the power most USB wall chargers do, enabling viable everyday convenience of charge anywhere the sun shines! Personal solar power that out-performs most USB wall chargers. Off-grid clean energy has never been so convenient, charge anywhere the sun shines!




iPhone X




iPad Pro




Macbook 12″




Macbook Air




Macbook Pro 13″




Macbook Pro 15″


Until recently, technology was bulky and inefficient, thankfully this changed with the rise of mobile computing and there is no longer a requirement to be stationary to be productive and accomplish work. Humans are explorers. We are natural wanderers, meant to traverse. Work, play and live without limitation. When your tech requires power, Sol. enables you to keep charged & be in charge, anywhere the sun shines!

Seamlessly Integrate-able Human Centred Modular Solar Technology

Sol.Components seamlessly integrate to provide the charging requirements / protection solutions for off-grid adventures. Explore without worrying about device battery life with a clean, convenient electricity generation line-up that scales from 5 Volt USB charging, all the way up to AC 220v appliance power. From 12 Watts per hour to 96 Watts per hour. 


Own your own power, to any scale, anywhere for everyone.


Element proof exploration, regardless of weather conditions.


Accomplish more with clean, rapid energy right from the sun.


Power on the go, without compromising rate of charge.


Lifetime Product Assurance

We believe that solar is a technology for life. This is our commitment, to offer smart energy that lasts your lifetime. Rather than providing limited warranty like most companies. We have devised a circular economy in which we can guarantee that once you are a customer we are in it till the end. Unlike an insurance policy, we offer an assurance policy. Should any Solofy product fail to function. Simply order a replacement and return your faulty unit. No time restriction, no BS, no policy changes, no pending claims,  no monthly charge, just smart energy for life!

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Frequently Asked Questions / Contact Us
Can Sol.Explore Damage My Device?

Sol.Conclusions will not damage any of your devices. USB is a standard that adheres to specific power regulations. As long as your device is USB compliant it will work without any issue. Sol.Cover is AC power certified, which is also a standard used around the world. This allows regulated power suitable to charge all devices from 5 watt to 100 watt ratings.  

Charge From Indirect Or Spotty Sunlight?

Ambient light from cloud scattered sunlight is still enough to excite the electrons within the chemistry of Sol.Cell. This property of solar technology enables unrestricted power reaching 40% capacity even without clear skies. 

How Heavy Is Sol.Case?

Looks can be deceiving, Sol.Case is not heavy at all, it is tough and reinforced with multiple layers of Ballistics grade Cordura, without foam, unnecessary detail or padding. As a result the solution remains lightweight at just 2Kg.

Can Sol.Case Be Submerge In Water?

Sol.Capsule is a completely waterproof solution with an airtight build that protects your devices. Sol.Case is water resistant but not airtight, therefor not waterproof. Circuitry is well insulated from water however, do not  submerge with your devices inside of it without Sol.Capsule.

Is Sol.Cell Tough?

Sol.Cell shouldn’t be thrown around however, it can withstand the elements and associated stresses. Sol.Cell is meticulously encapsulated between multiple layers of marine grade solar laminate. This provides ridged support and protects the cells in an impact resistant solution with meshing properties that heal scratches. Should damage occur over the lifespan, we provide a no hassle replacement service for a flat 25 Euro cost, anytime, any number of times. Ensuring Sol.Conclusions continue to function for life.

Warranty for Solofy Products?

Our commitments include supporting our products for the lifespan of our customers. Just contact support for a replacement unit, cover the replacement fee (Sol.Circuitry 25 Euro / Sol.Composites 50 Euro). We’ll ship you a new one after which you can return your faulty unit. This way we can guarantee continued use of your purchase while recycling our decommissioned components. 

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Sol.Conclusions is built for purpose, from outdoor exploration to residential off-grid solutions. The objective is to place human centred, smart energy directly in the hands of consumers, enabling everyone to benefit from the viability of solar power for  a clean energy, equal future!

Power Out Of Thin Air Direct From Our Nearest Star On The Go Anywhere

Sol.Components seamless integrate as required to provide charging / protection solutions during off-grid ventures. Explore without worrying about device battery life with a clean, convenient electricity generation line-up that scales from 5 Volt USB charging, all the way up to AC 220v device charging. From 12 Watts per hour to 96 Watts per hour.














Our mission for Sol. is to merge 21st century technology with a lifestyle connected to the ways of our ancestors. To offer solutions that harness the power of nature for convenience while in the unknown. To aid humans with the use of tech in the great outdoors and enable exploration without restriction, assured of safety for essential gear and provide clean energy solutions for the field, anywhere the sun shines.

  1. Charging speed varies based on device however, all USB devices are supported at their maximum charge rate.
  2. Sol.Exp is rated up-to 96 Watts / Hour. In contrast, most USB wall charger like the Apple iPhone charger are rated at 5 Watts / Hour.
  3. Power is dependant on weather however, each Sol.Cell will produce ~3 Watts/Hour regardless of weather during daylight.
  4. “Charging faster than an outlet charger” compared to 10 Watt USB chargers such as the Apple iPad Charger.
  5. Materials can withstand intense sunshine and cold temperatures but should not be submerged in water for longer than 2 hours.